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Motorola- hello moto!!

Most of us must be aware about the common tune “hello moto”. It was  An American multinational  telecommunitcation company evolved by Schaumburg Illinois. According to most of us the price of its creations have always charged us an average amount and including its specs and cons its great to buy its product. But also after a downlfall in years 2007 to 2009 it does not broke completely. But unfortunately  got split into motorola mobility and Motorola solutions, two separate companies. This happened in the year 2011, three years after the downlfall as in 2009. The both variations are almost same

Motorola have been serving all of us since 1928, as when it was started. But in starting only sold battery eliminators(devices tha enabled battery powered radios to operate on household electricity). Its name ended with ‘ola’ as at that time many of the company’s name ended with ‘ola’.  It was and it is a company that serves all the pocket of middle class Indian family. As half of india consist of most of those.      

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