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Comparing Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: Why Twitter is the Best Social Media platform

Social Media is something we all use or at least know about it. A way to interact with people digitally and make long distance friendship and communication easy. Though with increasing trend of social Media platform’s we see digital friendship getting more popular than actual friendship.

This has lead to people forgetting their family members, their relations and are buried under a 6 inch screen all day and sometimes when they don’t get satisfied they remain over it long at nights at end of the day it causes headache and even depression in some cases.

Today we discuss and give you brief description of each and every platform, and tell why Twitter is the best platform of the bunch.

We believe that social media shall be to find new people or people with whom you have lost connection with and social media is not to be a substitute of one to one talking with people whom you know and can easily meet. It shall rather be for finding great personalities that we can’t meet or find new people online.


Facebook is one of the oldest platform in terms of social media, where you make friends with people you know. Whenever they post it appears in your time line, you can share them, and it would be visible at your timeline also. Facebook at present is losing it’s popularity because they have done nothing new for a long period of time, and also due to their data breaches.

Facebook has faced data breaches due to which people has lost trust over it. They have annoying advertisements that way more than necessary. They have a old design also. personally I feel that Google has best UI and Facebook lags far behind it. Okay Google is a software company not social media company, but there design style of smooth animations and boxed layouts with vibrant colors is followed by all other.


Instagram is a platform sharing pictures and videos. You can add text captions but they mostly go unread. They have coded the API in a way that, institutes can’t automate the marketing process making only authentic content possible. Though where they make it bad is with private account and stories.

At Instagram you can, make your account private which means that only your near ones or the close groups can see your posts. Though anyone who follows you, can view these but before anyone becomes followers a follow request is sent to you, declining which ensures that the person can’t follow you.

This makes social media too much personal. Only you and your near ones. Well that’s the purpose of social media in books, but i believe social media should be to discover and find new friends and people. We should rather spend time with them without a phone being in between.


Twitter is open micro blogging platform, that does not have friends nor does it have private account. Almost everything you do on twitter is public. Twitter is not that ideal when we talk of basic principle of finding new people but it is close.

On twitter authentic content is respected and only posts worth liking receive the likes. You don’t have friends you just follow people. There is no private accounts so any random person can see you and start liking you.

One thing you can do only on twitter is communicate with big people, they of celebrities, sports personalities, and even multi-billionaires reply to your tweets.

Not that other platforms don’t have the functionality to do this, it is just Twitter has this culture, whenever someone has to communicate his thoughts to may be news agencies or carry out mass movements they choose twitter. Because on twitter only you can get noticed.

Now let me clarify, many of you would say that you can do these on any other platform and you can get know new people and interact with big personalities on any platform, true each platform is capable of that, but that culture is only on twitter. It’s just that they have these features of a perfect platform for so long that any twitter user unknowingly has become part of this culture, where you read/interact with great people. That’s why i love Twitter.

Not that it is perfect it has imperfections like you can’t post voting poll and image in same tweet so people have to tweet once with a image and the next with voting options for pole. And similarly the DM should be open to all by default but still its closest to my idea of perfect social media platform.

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Aditya Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal

"The People Who Love The Journey, Are The Ones That Reach The Most Beautiful Destinations"

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