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Elon Musk says that Funding Secured was Worth It

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Just few days after Elon Musk has been fined $20 Million and will be stepping down from post of Tesla Chairman, he says that the tweet that caused it all was “worth it”

SEC had punished him due to misleading promises and inaccurate information told publicaly in form of tweet, which is a unacceptable behavior for Chairman of a company. The result was this fine, resignation and some restrictions on Elon Musk in relation to Tesla.

Now today he compared Twitter with other Social Media stating that on twitter likes are rare, are criticism is brutual. So hardcore.

He was taunting Instagram, but the point was that twitter respected quality and great content. When some people replied criticizng him and questioned him, he stated that on Instagram 10% of the followers liked the lamest posts but on twitter that was not even 1%.

Then a user asked him, taunting about the tweet that caused him to pay $20 Million in fines. (Meaning funding secured one) and elon musk in his style of super shor tweets said that it was worth it.

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