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What To Expect From Apple Event on 30th October

Apple is all set for new round of products coming up month after the iPhone Xs, Xs Max and Xr. This time around would be the release of newer iPads and newer Macs. The event is to be help in Brooklyn, New York. Apple invited Media forks with the words “there’s more in the making”

Apple showing its creative and think different nature, made dozens of logos of Apple, randomly shown each time you refresh their event page. They are also signifying their creative nature, as the event is being organised in “Brooklyn Academy of Music”, and Music obviously is symbol of creativity.

The Cupertino based companies usually organised its events in its home town, though this is the rare time when the event is organised some where else. This happened few months ago also when they organised a event for education oriented iPads in a school in Chicago, Illinois.

The newer iPad Pro will be a massive redesign, being the first iPad to go with the less bezel design (because bezel less is a term i believe miss interpreted) there would be small bezels all around bit they woupd be big enoigh to give a grip over the iPad. This also means bye to home button and welcome FaceId. Besides this it would also be having newer Apple A12 Bionic chip.

MacBook Air

The newer MacBooks have been in work with a screen ize of we inch. It is unclear if Apple will call them MacBook or MacBook air, but they certainly have them in works. With upgraded specs and display they shall be really the most awaited announcement in recent times.


Airpods may see a update. They shall be presented with newer chips that allow ‘Hey Siri’ functionality rather than tap to activate Siri. They may also bring up newer charging case design that allows wireless charging.

Speaking of wireless charging. Apple seems to have forgot of Air Power, which is their charging dock that shall allow charging multiple devices at same time.

Though we still hope in it, because Apple mentioned the word AirPower in the startup guide of the newer iPhones.

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