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What is Wrong with the Tech keynotes Nowadays

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Tech keynotes were a thing pioneerd by Steve Jobs. For him keynotes were a 3 hour long advertisments which most influencil people in media and tech world saw. It was a way to promote your products and also explain what they were, their features and how to use them.

But now days that is not true. Okay Steve Jobs was a great orator and had amazing resentation skills but another problem now days is tgat there is nothing to tell in keynotes. Everything is already leaked. There is almost no flagship that has not been leaked before the launch event. Some leaks like in case of iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs happened really close to launch event like the name scheme got leaked just a day or two before but most happened long time before and that leaves really less to speak.

At the time of Steve Jobs this as not the case, leaking as not a thing and launch events had lot of wow mo!ents and many suprises. In case of first iPhone it was publically known that Apple was making a phone but the phone remained intact till launch day. One thing done that time was that the FCC certification was taken much later. During the launch event of first iPhone Steve himself said that they wanted to show the phone rather than FCC showing it as a result certification happened after the launch event. This caused shipment delays but mde presentation impactful. The iPhone was launched on 8th January 2007, and shipped on 27th June 2007 a whole 6 months gap.

I think that Keynotes are no more something that shall happen rather develop the phone have a press conference tell that your new phone ships on this date at this price and finish the whole thing in 10 minutes.

Okay I am not criticizing idea of keynotes they are a good thing, but either prevent leaking of products or if the products are leaked don’t do a keynote.

Rather I believe develoer conferences are a better idea, tell whatever you are develoing and what are your future plans. They don’t get leaked at least for now. Every time you see Google I/O or Apple WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference) there is major chunk of new in it nd no products are announced. You tell what you have developed what is in beta and what are your plans or even give sneap peak of things like Apple sneak peaked iMac pro last year.

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