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Google Pixel 3: Night Sight Is Really Bright

Google has been hard at work at keeping its crown for best camera safe, and turns out they have succeeded in it with the Pixel 3. Specially due to the Night sight. With a single camera and whole lot of software they are accomplishing the impossible.

The camera in the Pixel has many great things packed with it. These include super resolution zoom, indrustry leading portrait mode and edge detection, AR characters insertes right into the real photos and many other stuff. All of which is powered by Google’s custom made chip called Visual Core which is responsible for all kinds of proccessing of the photos clicked.

The night sight works in the way the traditional HDR works: Take multiple shots and combine them to get good image. The pixels use HDR+ for the normal photos where software proccessing makes the image good.

In the night sight mode Google uses a traditional HDR kind of thing. It takes multiple shots of the scenesome with varied shutter speeds and varied exposures. The slower shutter speed shots allow light to enter while the higher shutter speed allows more detail to be captured and then use software to combine them.

The problem with traditional HDR used to be that shaking of hand caused image to get blurry, here also google uses it’s motion tracking and leverages the sensors on the device to neutralise the shaking.

That makes image really bright and image clarity and details also remain pretty good. This is ahead of competition even when compared to S9+ which has dual aperture to allow more light to enter. Google does not use flashlight extensively because they believe even thoughit makes image bright it gives unnatural colors and an artificial look, Google creares a natural looking scene with all details preserved with this method.

As posted and presented by many other Tech YouTubers and reviewers the Pixel camera’s photos look amazing when compared to many other cameras


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