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Elon Musk’s Troubles Never End: From SEC to Twitter everything is problems

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For Elon Musk the controversies never end. It was just yesterday that we heard buzz about SEC slamming him. Now Twitter blocked Elon Musk of his twitter account for some time.

Elon Musk when talked about anime a style of animation and posted random tweets regarding the matter out oof blue Twitter though his account was hacked and some random person was tweeting and it was not Elon Musk on the keyboard.

But later as it turned out it was Elon Musk only and later twitter over getting clarification and confirmation opened the account. Technically Twitter did not block the account, the account was rather locked.

Elon Musk indicated that safety precaution was prompted by a tweet he had sent asking: “Wanna buy some Bitcoin?”

Twitter must have though that if Elon Musk is talking bitcoin which is away from his field of work and usually is what fake accounts talk about, then it shall be someone else on the keyboard. Later Elon Musk said “Twitter thought I got hacked & locked my account haha”.

Though Twitter has officially denies to comment anything is regards to this matter.

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