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Future of Smartphones: Foldable Smartphones May Be Teased At Samsung Developers Conference

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Samsung has many times hinted the foldable smartphone. Now it is expected that Samsung shares its details at Developers conference, on 7th and 8th November in Moscone West, San Francisco, California.

Samsung developer conference is something similar to what Google does with Google I/O it is not a product launch. It is a show to latest developments and projects Samsung has been working over in recent times.

It shall feature Bixby, Samsung Experience and many other stuff. Though Bixby is something that lags pretty much behind competition but on terms of displays Samsing is the king.

It has been long since Samsung is teasing their foldable phone. The display shall fold to allow a large screen to go in smaller form factor. It is a great idea. And Samsung has teased it many times.

Though it has been to long for people to remember and many have started to consider it to be just a concept rather than something they would ever ship in near time. But now Samsung may show them. Samsung has teased its event with tagline “Where Now Meets Next”.

Lets hope for the best. Samsung CEO DJ Koh emphasised that the foldable smartphone would not be a “gimmick product” and would arrive with a long term approach. He promised international availability and practical possibility. 

Along with that there shall be many other things to discuss like Samsung’s way to cooperate with the gesture navigation introduced with Android Pie. And of course Bixby. We no that Bixby is no good. But Samsung is trying there best to compete with Google and Amazon they shall showcase there improvements and give some updates regarding Bixby Home also.

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