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Tesla Surpasses Mercedes Benz on Social Media: Making Way For The Young

Tesla has become the most popular car brand on Twitter in world, taking the title previously held by Mercedes Benz. 15 year old car company of Elon Musk has the highest Twitter followers ever had by car company.

The 115 year old gasoline powered car company knows that they have aged and like many other companies across globe have realized, going electric is the future.

Though the social media growth is not only due to Tesla’s growth but also due to popularity of Elon Musk. Elon Musk being popular on social media ensures that the buzz he creates gets diverted to Tesla’s social media also. He himself has approximately 23 million followers, and at his own account on an average the followers increase by 0.1 million in every 3 to 4 days.

The result is high social media growth and popularity. Okay Mercedes Benz is also a great company but they have stagnated there is not much of new happening with Mercedes everything they do is incremental but if we compare it with Tesla where every other day they are doing some thing new. There is a new controversy like funding secured, production delay etc. then it is quite reasonable for this growth to happen.


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