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OnePlus 6: Power at cost of iPhone X’s Back

OnePlus 6 has been here for a while, and it is our review for the device, that was pending, well now it is not. OnePlus 6 has been a remarkable phone. It has a glass back and still the phone costs equal to the glass of iPhone X.

They like always are high on specs, Snapdragon 845, 8Gigs of RAM, plenty of storage and oh ya… The Headphone jack, that is almost in its grave, for most companies, that believe Bluetooth is better. Well they kept it. They have clicky tactile buttons and have there trademark slider

The biggest complaint from my end about the phone is the fingerprint sensor and Camera, don’t worrry it has a fingerprint sensor but it has become little bad than previous generations, with more squared off and Samsung Galaxy S9+ like look of sensor it is wasting a little back real estate, and i am sure no one has finger tips of square shape, so everyone will find it a bit of difficult to use.

Camera which is decent for it’s price still is a but wierd in my vision. It has 2 cameras none are telephoto, none are monochrome, both have same focal length, one is 16MP other 20MP The only thing they need 2 cameras is for portrait mode, that will be available in software update. The thing is either you do Google way and don’t use 2 cameras, but if you are using then utilize the 2 cameras, 2 cameras of same focal length don’t solve any purpose. If you are having 2 cameras then atleast do something different with the other one alart from more MegaPixels.

And as we know they try to make phones in lesser price range, it definitely saves cost to have 1 camera and software for portrait mode, this would reduce not only OnePlus 6’s cost but also future phone costs also, as they can use same software portrait mode.

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