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Google Pixel 3: Remastering The Camera Using AI for Zoom, Low Light HDR and AR

Google Pixel 3 has the best camera on any smart phone, thanks to software. They bring Super Resolution Zoom, Low light shots, wide angle selfies and RAW images to their device

Google has been hard at work to do the impossivle by not only using hardare but software and AI. They have said that next leap in technology is at intersection of hardware, software and AI.

Google has brought a bew feature to zoom in photos without loosibg details. They capture multiple screenshots of the scene, put up their software to compensate for the hand movements and then stitch all of them together to acheive great optical zoom like clarity. It is not as good as optical but beauty is when you go 4x or 5x zoom the detail still remains preserved. 

Portrait mode and HDR+ were things that lead industry last year. This tear they have seen some improvments. The portrait mode edge detection has improved even further and HDR+ is still best specially in day light shots. 

They are using this function to improve their night shots also. They are using multiple shots to capture a low light scene. Few quick shots and then one long shot with high exposure then processing it. This beats all of the competition. When compared to Note 9 and iPhone X it is really game changer. What is worth taking note is that Samsung is usingdual aperture for low light shots and still they can’t compete.

Google is also giving dual front cameras with their phones this time around. The second camera being wide angle camera for group photos. Here also along with hardware deployed was their software to control the fish eye effect seen with most wide angle cameras. The software corrects the fish eye effect with post processing, therefor covering wider area without loosing clarity. 

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