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Google’s YouTube is Down: Inaccessible For Many People, 500 error

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Today many of Google YouTube’s services including YouTube Music, YouTube TV are facing down time due to 500 internal server errors. This has happened second time in this year.

Google has recieved many reports regarding this matter and YouTube has told on Twitter that it is working to resolve the issues as early as possible and will let us know after they are resolved.

YouTube had earlier this year also face a small downtime. Any website runner knows that 500 series error are bad. They are usually due to misconfiguration or even slightest spelling mistake can get whole server down

At present the site is inaccessible to millions of users in many formats. YouTube shall work to improve these failures at a point in time where competition is increasing with more and more streaming services coming up.

YouTube is one of the biggest services Google offers. It is one of 7 services offered by Google having more than a billion active users every month and is a major profit gainers. These failures can harm YouTube as well as Google’s revenue. 

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