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Elon Musk’s Replacement: James Murdoch is the new Tesla chairman

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Elon Musk after the funding secured controversy is set to face the first hit, as asked by SEC, Elon Musk would be replaced by James Murdoch as Tesla chairman. 

The SEC required a independent nonexecutive member as the head of the board which was fulfilled by James Murdoch. Elon Musk was in favor of Antobio Gracias as the Chairman, though the board considered him less independent, because of his involvment in Musk’s companies.

Murdoch, who will be stepping down as chairman of 21st Century Fox when the media group completes the sale of its entertainment assets to Walt Disney. “The Tesla chairman job is perfect for James,” said one person briefed on the conversations. “He’s working on this fund and will be sitting next to Elon . . . he’s going to get access to so much deal flow.”

Elon Musk believes it to be false. When Financial Times tweeted inthis matter, Elon Musk replied stating that it was all false.

Elon Musk is usually never to quick to admit to the reality if it is not in his favor. May be the ned result may that James only becomes the Chairman because of this what most of the matters. 

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