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This is Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL launched in New York

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Much awaited Pixel 3 is here proving all the rumour right. Google today launched it in New York, Rick Osterloh the hardware head of Google on the stage introduced many updates to the hardware lineup.

The launch event went fine, the alleged mint color didn’t come up the 3 colors were white, black and not pink. There is base RAM of 4GB which is quite low.

The smaer Pixel has a bezel but the larger one has a notch. They are featuring front facing soeakers for better media experience. The include wired earphones… No, wired but not headphone jack but USB Type C. 

Google as always suggested that future of hardware was at the intersection of Hardware, Software and AI. This is trye to somewhat Google’s work. Unlike most companies their companies rely on software more than code.

There are using single camera for portrait mode, their is a dual camera in front but that is for wide angle selfies. They have Advanced Google Assistant capable of making calls and many other features. They have squeeze for Google Assistant, that is Advanced in distinguish fake take with actual taps. 

Their is one thing that Google is doing a bit wrong is relying too much on software, 4GB of RAM won’t take you anywhere with whatever software you have. 


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