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How Should LG work To Gain market Share: Going OnePlus Way

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LG has been trying for long to gain more and more market share and have failed. Their future is probably not in being flagship maker rather they should be flagship killer.

OnePlus has always had the title of the flagship killer but as we see their prices are on increase. Though not at the level of Apple but in past few years they have increased almost double.

OnePlus was liked because they never believed in anything extra they made to the point phones and gave only neccessary, they had raw power. LG has always tried to make premium products

But in past year or so that has changed they have glass backs not neccessary if you want to be cost effecient these are unnecessary, instead make it even more cost effecient. I believe OnePlus transitions towards premium range flagships.

The result would be huge empty space for flagship killers, LG shall taks advantage of that. LG does not have abything great enough that they have done to gain market share as premium range flagships. They are good at all but best at none.

LG should instead try to make their selling point as cost. There is whole population of Asia wanting such products. Make them at competitive rates lesser than OnePlus and your experiebce would ensure that you make them great. With this you can compete in category that has lot of scope but comparitively less competition thus better prospects of success

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