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Google Pixel 3: Everything We Know About Launch Scheduled tomorrow in New York

Google will be launching it’s Pixel 3 in less than 24 hours from now in New York. Snapdragon 845, 6Gigs RAM, Camera and Android Pie and everything else we know so far.

Google has partnered with Foxconn for making its phones, and the phone desigb has significat update also. The Pixel 3 XL will be getting a notch as you can expect from the trend though the normal Pixel 3 shall have bezel, the back of the phone will look transitional with it’s dual color back.

The front would be featuring 2 cameras, and the back would be having unlike the competitors a single camera. It is obvious that the the back shall have single camera.

Google believes in software more than hardware, but why 2 cameras in the front. The Pixel will also be featuring the Visual Core’s new version and squeeze for Google Assistant.

Google will not be featuring a headphone jack like last year, one loved feature was the front facing speakers, this year also the speakers still exist in front though they are not stereo. Google will also be featuring USB type C earphones, that are expected to feature Google Assistant. 

They shall also be featuring many new colors unlike last year where they had 3 colors this year they are expected in many more colors. 

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