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Steve Jobs Stay Hungry Stay Foolish Explained: Stanford Commencment 2005

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Steve Jobs during the Stanford Commencement 2005 stated this code ‘Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish’ If you have the hunger for knowledge you would be called fools by many. keep ignoring them soon they would be jealous of you.

Stanford Commencement is where he presented few of his greatest quotes of all time including connect the dots, and is one of the best speeches he ever gave.

Today let’s decode this to understand what the greatest visionary of all times meant by #StayHungryStayFoolish.

What it means is that You don’t have to bother about what people think, you have to be bothered about yourself. Have the #hunger for knowledge

Have the guts to follow what you know you is right. #SteveJobs very well used to say that one should always follow his heart and intiution becuase they somehow know exactly what you want to be.

Whenever hesitant in asking a query, seek information, or whatever follow your intiution. If you feel you don’t know the whole story then ask it. Seek the information. Today after 8 years of his death we still find it equally true.

This knowledge will pave way for your success and when you are successful there would be many who earlier ridiculed you that now woupd be jealous of you.

Aditya Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal

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