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First Major Smartphone Launch of October: LG V40 ThinQ

October: month of smartphone launches begins with LG V40 ThinQ, with 5 cameras and 6.4 inch screen, and still no chance of major market share. Either go OnePlus way or innovate. 

As you can expect it comes with OLED #screen 6.4 inches big, Snapdragon 845, 64 GB storage, 6GB RAM.

But each phone launching this year will have it. You have so many flagships with slight variations in it.

If you are giving average things then why are you expecting great results that is stupid with you LG. 

You have to something better than competition to gain good. Okay you have 5 cameras but not cameras pictures matter.

You have 5 cameras but they don’t work as good as Pixel, ask any tech reviewer and they would say that Pixel has the best camera, and don’t forget its October, Pixel 3 is on its way coming out October 9th and woupd make further big lead in #Cameras

You need to have a USP, Apple has its ecosystem, and processor, Samsung has there displays, Google has there software and Cameras.

Launching 3 #smartphones in a year with nothing major to differentiate won’t bring you to the top level of competition. One thing #LG can do very well is either #innovate or go the OnePlus make products that are cost effecient enough to ensure that, those price concerned people have something great. I can say that because OnePlus is somewhat transitioning to top tier of flagships. #OnePlus is going upwards in price and adding things that are not much necessary, like glass back is something which doesn’t make phone great, wireless charging is something not lower price tag people don’t ask for.

Aditya Agarwal

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