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Tesla Autopilot Version 9 to Roll Out Soon: Elon Musk

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Tesla is ready to for Autopilot V9 with On Ramp/Off Ramps, Lane Changing, Obstruction Avoidance, Revamped User Interface and Dash Cam for Security according to Elon Musk.

According to recent leaks the much awaited Tesla autopilot V9 is set to roll out in a day or 2. This was awaited for a long time and the release was delayed from August untill now.

As promised it bring up many improved and new features. The major one being ability to change lane based on destination and traffic. It would use the destination feeded to change lanes as required.

#ObstructionAvoidance system would ensure that the vehicle changes the lane if a slow moving vehicle is in front of it thus making the commute faster.

The other cars recorganized in front and in side lanes to a great distance would be made visible on the display.

Another feature to be quite interested about is the #Revamped #UserInterface, the Interface at present has the driving directions to the far right of 13 inch screen of the car, which makes it difficult to read. Now that would be shifted to left.

Besides this #ElonMusk has also told that  the car would be getting ability to stream Netflix and have karaoke in the Version 10.

The car’s cameras which already are used for autopilot would also be ised for #DashCam the car’s cameras would record any activity near the car worth being suspicious improving #Security

#Tesla also has in its work web browser for the cars to surf web directly from your car while it drives for you on its #Autopilot.

There would also be improvements to Tesla’s autopilot. After the few crashes it had in past, there are changes made for better Autopilot as you can expect. They have worked to improve the blind spot detection also.


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