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Elon Musk Promises Internal Repair Infrastructure: Doing the Right Thing

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Elon Musk of Tesla promised external repair shops are driving Tesla and owners crazy. He wanted to implement in-house repair setup to insure quick repairs. Now the in-house setup does it in under 24 hrs.

Besides the fact that Teslas are really secure, they still may meet up with accidents. Earlier Tesla had external firms managing the repairs. In September, Elon Musk promised quicker repairs with their own services.

Now that is turning out to be true, just today Elon Musk told over Twitter, that repairs now tool toughly 24 hours, which earlier was way less than the #crazy time it used to be few months back

He has also promised that in some time, #Tesla would be able to do #repair the same day and later #Implement them within 1 hr

These are ambitious goals, though are quite possible. We have seen many incidences where Tesla customer service is able to detect and diagnose the problem via software communication from car. These things save a lot of time, and engineers can be prepared with relevant tools based on some diagnostics.

The goal as said by #ElonMusk is that tye repaired car should be better than the car before. The repaired cars should have high perfection. He wants all the damaged cars to have replaced with newer parts in correct techniques.

Tesla is already going through cash crunch and better public perception can be really useful in such cases.

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