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Samsung’s Next Galaxy Quad Camera Phone: October 11th Launch

Samsung is bringing up A Galaxy Event on 11th October teased as 4x Fun. It may be Galaxy S10 featuring Quad Cameras or Foldable Display or may be 4x Zoom in standard setup

Samsung has teased in its Newsroom titling invites for a Galaxy Event. Galaxy definitely means a premium range smartphone launch. But the point is what is launching.

Samsung has 2 flagships like every year launched this year, then what is the third one. Earlier this year it was teased Samsung may be launching quad camera phone at the end of year.

It could mean that Samsung might be launching its #FoldableDisplay phone at the #Event. The fold would divide the phone in 2 halfs, so you have 2 screens in front and 2 at back making the #Samsung device have 4 screens.

But either of the way if something that revolutionary was coming then what about leaks. We have no images no news no specs about the phone and the launch is just 26 days ahead of now.

It can simply or foolishly mean that #Galaxy S10 or what ever they call it has 4x #Zoom instead of 2x zoom. This is the only thing that is practically posible.

The foldable display is still not developed enough to allow production and consumer use. #QuadCamera is something that is not difficult but you don’t need it. Pixel 2 had the best camera due to software as it had single lens. They already have dual apperture to allow night mode, and have 2x zoom on other lens. What would Samsung do of the other 2 lens. The other 2 could have monochrome as one them but monochrome is something that can be done by software efforts also.

In all I believe the #Teased 4x fun is something over said, it shall mean not more than 4x zoom on one of the 2 lens. Or may be clickbaity claim of 4x speed.

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