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Google Again Teases Pixel 3 with New Colors and

Google is constantly teasing Pixel 3 with after recent invites, Google teases again at Landing Page For Made by Google event of 9th October

Google recently sent out invites to people simply #teasing a event in New York and Paris on 9th.

Google’s leaked landing page shares quite a few details, most interesting being the bezeless design. Many people believe that recent leaks of #Pixel were fake and #Google is bringing on something altogether different.

After the #Invites The landing page #Teases a small bezel all around and no notch with the #MadeByGoogle’s G in the bottom familiar postion.

Another takeaway is the colors the Landing page shows off 3 different colors of the #Pixel3, that it will show off at 9th #October event.

The 3rd color is deeper green paired with turquoise that retains the same internal accent color as white. #Google has been showing three colors every year. Though previous was realy blue, and kinda blue. 

Google is rumoured to have click baited the Pixel 3, with leaking fake Pixel 3. Some people even believe that Google may present revolutionary bezeless display, though the practical possibilities seem narrow because Google does not make its own displays and out sources it from Samsung or LG. If the display was outsourced then Samsung or LG could have put up on their phone.

The specification sheet for Google is expected to feature Snapdragon 845, 6gigs of RAM etc. Though one thing i feel is Google may be having some secret chip with it this year. Last year Google showed of its secret AR Core chip. This year it may be something even bigger

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