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Tesla Bankruptcy: Tesla Merch is a Secret Funding Generator

Elon Musk’s Tesla has ever since been in threat of bankruptcy, can he generate funds by merchandise similar to Boring Company.

#ElonMusk’s privately owned #BoringCompany has sold lot of merchandise to generate fundings. They few months ago sold 20,000 Flamethrowers for $500 each generating $10 Million of funds for Boring Company. #Tesla is no different.

Tesla has been in a #threat of #bankruptcy and constant short sellers fear are impacting company negatively, few weeks ago Tesla brought to it’s #merchandise surf boards, and many people bought it. Then few days ago Tesla brought up Power Banks with built in wireless charging, they soon got sold, though Tesla has promised they would be back, at a price $49 instead of $65

The point is that it cannot be a permanent source of income, but is Elon Musk planning to generate temporary #funds for running the company. The answer seems to be yes. If he can generate $10 Million from selling Flamethrowers then why not this, and people believe me buy these things. If people can put up $10k to buy Elon a couch then they can definitely do this also.

Okay I agree that this unproductive, it is waste of time and what not. But when you need funds rather than fighting with barking Short Sellers and scratching head against short sellers it is easier to generate temporary funds like these, and make company profitable, get short seller issue solved and then get back to work.

And don’t get me wrong Tesla is not putting much into it also, they have it somewhere down in their checklist, most of the employees are still producing cars, it is just small fraction who do this, to generate easy funds.

And as Elon says, that Boring Company is a hobby or part time kind of thing, same is with merch it is temporary way to just get funds the main focus still remains.

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