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Most Subscriber YouTube Channel T- Series And PewDiePie

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PewDiePie or Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg will be overtaken by T-Series as the most subscribed YouTube channel. T-Series is Indian Music channel, found by Gulshan Kumar in 1983.

#PewDiePie or Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg has been the #MostSubscribed YouTube channel on Earth since 2013. Now that pride will finish on 21st October.

It is not that PewDiePie is loosing subscribers. According to Social Blade he gains 30,000 subscribers per day, which is pretty awesome, but take this #T-Series gains 1,45,000 subscribers a day. With help of This pace they would have overtaken PewDiePie by 21st October

T-Series is a #YouTube channel, found by #GulshanKumar, it is #Indian #music record label and film production company. It publishes all its songs over its channel, which at present has 62 million subscribers, and 47 billion views.

PewDiePie infact owns Guinness World Record for being most subscribed channel.

Nothing can stop T-Series to make history. This shows the power of 1.5 billion population of India. PewDiePie can cater 7 billion people as there are more English people rather than people who speak Indian languages like Hindi.

There are 2-3 reasons of success of T-Series when compared to PewDiePie

More Support

T-Series is a company and has 1000s of employees under it to produce content, unlike PewDiePie who majorly produces on his own. T-Series has over 12k videos. There are many channels that don’t have 12k subscribers also and that is why it has the highest views of any channel ever.

What he can do is nothing, but hire people. PewDiePie is a channel where they want to see, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg the real name of PewDiePie, it does not matter who does camera, editing, sound music. 

The best example of this system is techt channel LinusTechTips, really small channel in comparison though still has 6 million subscribers, but he has great system in that way. There are days where he posts 4 or even 5 videos, when the tech world has important events. All his videos are him. But he has gigantic studio and atleast 2 or 3 guys running around throughout to shoot.

T-Series has no single person who features in videos of T-Series. Each video has different people, because they have Bollywood actors dancing over songs that T-Series produces. As a result T-Series is easily producing more videos, but Linus Tech Tips in that parameter is much more similar.

PewDiePie can make even more videos for fact that he does not need to move as much as Linus Sebastian owner of Linus Tech Tips has to move.

Production Quality:

He is Careless with his videos, he says it makes them authentic no doubt, but video creation is far different from cutting scenes. You can add contrast how can present some photos and what not, he does it but he can do it far better. I mean like he can hire proper professional video editors. Take example of Dude Perfect, which is a YouTube channel with awesome video editing, they do trick shots and sports battles and they keep them real but there video editing is far ahead, and makes more people come and subscribe

He So careless, in fact, that he one time accidentally uploaded (instead of the latest edited show) a webcam video where he did nothing (except habitually lick his mustache). It has more than 350,000 views. He talks about fumbling to get his webcam pointed correctly, which he failed to edit out. He talks about posting 12-minute unedited plays that could be frustratingly repetitive.

That is where T-series has perfection they have awesome videos and at even awesome video quality.


for nine videos that included audio of the Nazi Party anthem, swastikas, a sign reading “Death To All Jews” and a man saying “Hitler did nothing wrong.” The videos prompted Disney’s YouTube arm Maker Studios to end its partnership with him, YouTube’s paid subscription service YouTube Red to cancel his series and YouTube to remove him from its Google Preferred ad program. However, he’s still likely to make a boatload of money going forward.

T-Series in its history has never ever had controversies, they have never been penalized all there rights and privileges are sure. T-Series is pretty amazing with that

Prevent these kind of things. Things can get even harder like it happened with Logan Paul, but please insure better content, along with authentic.

The simple thing to grow better is as he believes authentic content, but the reality is you have to make attractive as well as authentic content. Which does not mean he compromises Authenticity. He just has to make effort financially to make his content more attractive also.

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