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Material Design 2.0: Happy Birthday Google Chrome Version 69

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Google chrome celebrates 10th birthday with new Material Design Refresh to UI from Google with version 69. It has been waited for a long time, and is a fresh coat of paint to all of the user interface.

The roll out was teased 2 days ago when Chrome celebrated it’s birthday.

1.The fresh roll out brings up a redesigned tabs bar, that has more rounded edges, rather than previous chopped of edges from earlier. The search bar is now round, also another great thing is the search suggestions are now more spacious and rounded

2. Google has also reworked it’s color scheme, the background is all white, and the foreground is slightly darkened to create the contrast. This is accompanied by new icons for the ecosystem. Though the colors remain like earlier in Incognito, also the Incognito mode will show the incognito symbol in right near the options button, for better visibility

3. Another Good news is saying good bye to https:// in the URL bar, the URL bar starts from the domain itself, though there is a lock icon to show if the site is secured or not. Another new feature included is, if you are viewing chrome in full screen, taking mouse in upper portion will show up a ‘cross’ to exit the full screen mode. Also there is new button when you open new tab in bottom, that can be used to select background image or theme.

4. Another new thing is that you’ll see favicons of sites in the drop-down, and Chrome will now show answers to some queries right in the autocomplete list, even before you hit Return. Safari already has a similar feature, offering links to things Wikipedia and recent news articles about some subjects. However, the suggestions often default to selling you something from an Apple service — for example, if you type the name of a movie, it’ll point you to iTunes.

5. Passwords find a better place, with Google’s autofill already being a life saver for many people, Google has started to show out newer suggestions for it’s passwords system, whenever you login to your new service, it would recommend some of the other passwords from other websites that it already knows.


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