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The Pressure Keeps On Building Elon Musk Head Butted Tesla Fremont Car Factory

Elon Musk’s Tesla has never recorded profit. Now Fremont Production Factory narrates new story of pressure of Production ramp of Tesla Model 3 that is building on Elon Musk, he was reported to be head butting the cars in factory.

While on a factory tour, during his 20 work hours a day schedule, he was on a tour of the factory when he observed the the production line to have stopped. Elon upon inquiring realized that the factory stopped each time someone came to close to it. The reason given was ‘Security’

Elon believed that it was unnecessary, and head butted the car in factory while wearing safety helmet, that the factory could do him no harm, and as a result asked to finish this system. he wanted the cars to keep on moving without a pause.

As a result engineers went on to develop the equipment, which they believed was redundant, modified after being tested from enthusiasts. This is the result of the enormous pressure building on Elon Musk, and the slow Tesla Model 3 production. The make shift tent outside the factory has helped pump our 5,000 cars per week, but it is not a permanent solution.

Also after the recent pull back of decision to take Tesla private, Elon is gathered in bigger controversy at present. He has threat over his position as a CEO also. These things symbolizes the enormous pressure building on him.


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