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Okay Google Assistant: Now You Are Bilingual Voice Commands

Google’s one of the most requested feature for it’s voice assistant, was being bilingual. With help of AI, Machine Learning, and neural networks, Google’s Google Assistant, will be supporting talks in multiple languages simultaneously.

This feature will role out for all Google Assistant users on Mobile, Google Home range and any other smart home device having assistant in it. Though Google will always need to know what all languages are up for communication. To tell this, you would need to go to assistant setting then preferences and then languages.

There you would be able to select the languages, that you wish Google Assistant to speak. Upon doing this within few minutes it would be up do this:

As Google explains, if you’re listening for an answer in English, you can ask something along the lines of, “Hey Google, what’s the weather like today?” If you want to hear music from a favorite German hip-hop band, you might ask “Hey Google, spiele die Fantastischen Vier.”

This sounds pretty interesting. Google has been working on this feature for years now. Google says that it is a added difficulty to the making of Assistant. Unlike our human language where we can understand context, and know many things by experience. But Google assistant has information from time you say okay google till you complete sentence.

That makes the things really difficult added from now would be the multi lingual inputs also, causing lot of complications.

As a result it is a new feature it may be inconsistent though it shall be really interesting to see it’s advancements for the fact that Google, has been working for it for many years.

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