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Google’s Project Oxygen: Art Of Managing Employees

Google is known for its work environment. Were people love work, Google under project oxygen to about skills it Believes are required to be a manager and manage employees. But first lets discuss the environment that pre-exists at Google

Google says that the environment should be open. The managers should give the control to the employees. Great leaders are responsible for there employees who are responsible for their customers.

Google wants to create a open system where their are no bossy things. The only criteria is innovation. Google has a wonderful 80/20 system, where people spend 80% of time in their jobs and 20% doing whatever they may like to develop.

The result of which is innovation sparking. Google does not consider it as a waste of time Google considers it as a way to spark innovation and creativity among people.

Messiness is a virtue: according to Google being messed up is a virtue. Google does not have boxed cabins. Google has wonderful open places where people interact and talk. With this people ingage mkre with each other and work as a team.

Google has zero properties in which more than 300 meter area is not having some canteen or place for eating. Google has many sports facilities in its premium offices, and are pets friendly.

Now the role of managers. Managers simply need to help people open up provide them guidance and not bother of results. Google never ever has had a financial goal set up for a quater or year. They only discuss the products they are working at, same is expected with the manager


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