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Google’s Next Billion: Money Lending and Partnership with Indian Banks

Caeser Sengupta head of Google’s Next Billion Team, today announced partnership with banks for money lending to people via the the Google Tez which has been rebranded as Google Pay. 

Google has 7 products with each having well over 1 Billion monthly active users. Even though they may sound really big Google wants to expand further into other products.

The responsibility for the same has been given to the Next Billion Team, headed by Caeser Sengupta, as the name suggests they work to improve further in ither products and build the 8th product with Billion users. 

They find their next opportunity in India. This year at the Google For India event they have announced that the Google Pay app would be getting support for money lending which comes from a direct partnerships from banks.

These partnerships would help them sustain in the market that will be worth a $1 trillion value by 2023. Google Tez app has been rebranded as Google Pay. Google launched it last year at the Google For india event. This app (now known as Google Pay) would be the means of the money lending discussed above

Google is well aware that India is a emerging market with a growing user base and population, they strongly believe that if they can develop something for India, it can be useful for the whole world.

Google even announced a new feature under which the Google Go app that will recite web articles to people in Email and 5 other Indian languages. Google Go app by the way is also another effort of Google to provide all its services to poor performance phoned of India. 


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