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The newer iPhones, iPad and Apple Watch: Details Emerge

This year around Apple has created a hell of cnfusion about the naming scheme of there new iPhones. Though now as we approach the iPhone launch things start to get clearer.

With the recent leaks we can confirm that this Apple be 3 new iPhones. The 3 would be priced in premium range though the smallest one of the 3 would be comparitively cheaper to the last year’s iPhone X.

The 3 iPhones in this year would be of the sizes 5.8inch, 6.1inch, 6.5inch screen sizes. The smallest one would have the facial recorganizaation of the previous generation and sport a LCD panel. These leveled down specs would make it the one for the cost concerned people. The phone is supposed to come in variety of colors.

The other 2 of the phones will features big displays, next generation Face Id and overall improvments.  They would also feature multi-tasking improvments to utilize the bigger screen they would sport.

Rumours are also emerging that the their would also be a new apple watch with bigger display and a newer iPad though they may or may not be released at iPhone launch event.

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