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Is Elon Musk Lying about Tesla Remaining Public

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Elon Musk innitialy planned to take Tesla private but just recently has backed out to keep it public, due to investor advice.

But is Elon Musk lying. Elon Musk never quits if he can face 2008 #bankruptcy he can face it also. Though its I think a strategy to take Tesla Private.

I think Elon still wants to take it private. He knows that the later it will happen the more difficult will it become to take it private. And Elon knows that private company is important.

Being Private, Elon can insure that he does not need to tell information to public, and won’t have to deal with news of fear of bankruptcy daily. 

And once telling to go Private you can’t back out, when you are the CEO of a multi-billion dollar company. Also doing it would have resulted him loosing his position immediately.

The reason why Elon is still CEO, is that they want Tesla’s price to rise in stock market to tackle immediate bankruptcy. They would probably deal secretly with investors and when everything is sorted annouce the decision to go private and finish the whole thing within a week or so.

The idea is that keeping on the actual intent would have cause Tesla’s stock price to fall even further. Which could be dangerous. 

Saying Tesla will remain public, and figuring out how to go private internally is basically what they are doing. They are just telling it openly or in other words are lying. 

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