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Stock Market Cover Up for Week: Recovering from Turmoil

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With Rupee tumbling down to a level of more than 69 compared to dollar. The stock market seems to have some good things happening within it also.

The market experts expect ruppe to fall even further in near time to cross the mark of not only 70 but even 71. This is a

After a downfall earlier this week, on friday the market grew high basically fue to the cancelled talks between United Stated and China over the spiraling trades

The top gainers included Infosys, ITC, Hindustan Unilever etc. 

The sensex on the last day gained over 300 points after the threshold mark of 38,000. Though it is a good thing that after the turmoil of thursday the market has recovered pretty good. 

For the past week to talk about, the sensex has gained a 79 point hike to close at 37,948 points. The Nifty also saw a similar growth closing at 11,471 up by 41.25 points. 

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