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Getting Unpacked: Samsung Galaxy Note 9 launch

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is all set to launch in a event today. With great specs it is Samsung’s reply to Apple and Google.

The #Note9 would come with 4,000 mah battery which is really powerful. It will have Snapdragon 845 as expected, and 6 gigs of RAM, apart from its trademark S Pen. The Samsung Flagship would have a even bigger screen 6.38 inches big.

Samsung is said to have added many featured to their S pen. The S pen would include bluetooth this time around. It will have awesome fharging capabilities according to which under 1 minute charge will give 30 mins of run time for the stylus.

The phones are expected to launch today and would be shipping staring from 24th of August. The base model will ship with 128 GB storage and it can be rocked up to 512GB storage. Along with this all variants have the option to add a SD Card also.

It would, unlike all other brands would be favoring the headphone jack and would retain it this year also, with their Note 9. Another Thing that would remain same is the #AKG Headphones that would be seen this year also.

The fingerprint sensor has also been iterated for easier reaching.

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