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It’s Time For $2 Billion Investment by Tesla For Shanghai Plant

#Tesla has been struggling to keep with the manufacturing rate. The Tesla has after lot of struggles reached 5,000 cars a week, for The #Model3. But this is not a long term solution. Elon thinks solution would be the Tesla Factory in Shanghai.

Elon said in the earning’s call that they are planning a whooping $2 Billion investments, in Recruitment of employees in Shanghai. Tesla says that it would be able to produce 500,000 cars once the factory gets functional.

Elon says that the factory would take roughly 2 years in getting built, and would be functional in time period of 3 years. Tesla has already begun hiring for the same, and has posted the job requirements on Tesla’s site. Their are over 10 positions, all are of senior level, and require a minimum of 6 years of experience in the industry.

This news come at a time when Tesla, is struggling to gain cash and become a profitable enterprise. Elon is sure that Tesla would be profitable in Q3, and therefore instead of bothering about bankruptcy Elon is ready for a multi-billion dollar investment.

This is a necessary investment, for the fact that 2 years from now, Tesla would start delivering it’s Tesla #Roadster. Roadster has already gained a hell of hype and people have put up a lot of money to get it. It is supposed to have gained lot of popularity, for the fact that this also the fastest production car in world.

The Tesla Roadster woukd require a better infrastructure. As is the history of Tesla, they have always delayed the delivery of their cars. They do not want same to happen with the roadster. Tesla knows that it will be their selling point for upto 5 years. As a result they do not want to see any delays with the same.

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