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Headphone Jack: You are Dead

Most of the people on planet Earth and Martians ( I am Elon Musk fan to dream Mars) believe headphone jack should return but i unlike most of the people support Apple’s move.

Here’s The Thing:

If Future can be brighter than today you are on right track. Future doesn’t mean just the immediate future after removing headphone jack but rational thought process. Thing is while listening music it is better to have wireless earphones than earphones that get tangles while lying on bed or you have to spend a minute to untangle too use them. And I believe this is the reason Apple exists.

They were first one’s to remove PS/2 ports those extinct ports used to connect mouse in favour of usb. They were first one to remove flash drive in favour of hard disk, and soon flash drives got extinct. They removed flash in favour of HTML 5 for accessing web, though at that time it led to trouble and empty areas on incompatible sites, but HTML 5 soon was the only thing. Today we don’t even see if a phone has HTML 5 for accessing web or not. That’s what they do. They are not bothered by competition. They work for capable technologies they work for the thing of future.

They don’t make the best products they make the most capable products and the products that change the course of country. They work for greatness, and that’s why they are successful. The headphone jack removal is a new era of wireless devices. Though the wireless headphones may not be as developed as wired ones, but they are much more capable. The reason that wireless has more capability is the reason why headphone jack doesn’t deserve a place on most capable phones on Earth iPhones. This is the same reason why apple has only USB type C ports on there devices. It is better to have all accessories with type C than various ports even if those accessories don’t support type C they are just more capable. And that’s it here’s my take on Headphone Jack



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