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Smart Compose: Gboard For GMail

Gboard was released in May 2016, and focus was to ensure that you get suggestions for typing so that you have to type less and write more. This is the feature that kept me from trying any other Keyboard, because only Gboard has learned all words in these years, and i love it for it’s features.

Forward 2 years later, Gmail for desktop was the place where i type most  of the time, and i wondered why they couldn’t do anything for it. Turns out Google is Doing it. Google has released a new feature in Gmail called Smart Compose, which would ensure you type less. This Feature will predict what you want to type while composing a mail, and would use contextual awareness and your past mails to give suggestions in form of text succeeding your cursor. you just have to press TAB button and it is typed in.

As far as When will it be available, their are no particulars. We have received some reports of people able to get that feature working, but in our case we still haven’t received it. If you are fortunate enough you would see its opption appear in settings (gear icon) on gmail for desktop. As far as we are concerned we will review it as soon as we receive it.

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