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Google Duplex: Make Google Do It

Google Duplex, is the next step by the technology giant in bringing Artificial Intelligence to our lives. How many times has it happened that you had to get stuck on a phone call for booking as simple as haircut, many a times, at-least for me, one such call happens each and every day.

Google has a brilliant solution for it, Ask Google Assistant  to book let’s say a Restaurant, and Google Assistant would place actual call to “Restaurant” from your contacts. It would be as interactive as human can be, and would use the details provided by you to accomplish task. After completing it would send a notification about the booking on your phone. isn’t that amazing.


just saying a few words to Google Assistant and Google would do rest of it for you with impossible perfection.

Though it hasn’t rolled out yet, it would be fun to use it, and would cover it in a hands on video. Also this is available in English only at present, also what is another concern is what if the other end asks for some other information. What would Google Assistant do in such a case? with lot of fun stuff already going on in Google I/O we look forward to it

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