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Xiaomi Mi A2: This Second Grader is Better than First

My parents always wanted me to get A1 for all my exams and be among the scholars. That could never happen.

But Xiaomi the case is reverse A2 is better. #Xiaomi is expected to launch its Redmi Mi A2 phone which is the successor to Mi A1, which was the only Xiaomi phone I ever loved.

Mi A2 is expected to have #Snapdragon 660, 64Gigs storage and 4gigs of RAM powering it. It would have 2 vertical oriented camera of 20 and 12 Megapixels.

And the best is that it would have #AndroidOne. Android One means collaboration with #Google, for a stock android experience and fast updates.

Xiaomi has also teased a Mi A2 lite, which would probably have lesser specs and a screen smaller than Mi A2 normal version.

Speaking of screen, the bigger version will have a 6 inch screen with #18:9 aspect ration and ya a notch also. Though it may be that the smaller version skips notch and has #16:9 ratio

#MiA2Lite has already started to sell on 3rd party E-Commerce websites in China ahead of it’s official launch on 24th of July 2018 which is scheduled to take place in Spain.

#Xiaomi talked about the same in a tweet teasing the phone and making somethings official also.

Aditya Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal

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