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Typing For Disabled: Gboard introduces Morse Code

#Google earlier this year at the Google #I/O shared the story of Tania Finlayson, a disabled girl, who had the spirit to face difficulties.

She could not speak, and his father made variety of arrangements for her to communicate. He tried #typewritters and many other stuff, but after failing he designed to headsticks which could be used to punch words.

Soon her vocabulary started to grow and she could communicate more freely, but the main problem remained that this method was slow and was a huge pain to her neck. She was selected as one of the 4 students for study of non verbal students in #UniversityOfWashington, where wonder happened.

She was introduced to Morse code, she could put up the code of Morse code with the help of #headsticks and that ensured she had her neck facing less ache.

She used them to punch morse code and communticate. She later was called by Google to make a partnership to bring morse code to Gboard.

With their integration they coded a system where external device could be plugged in to phone, and could be used to punch the morse code.

The device would interprate the code into words and speak it out up loud.

This will help the disabled to easily communicate their thoughts. It has already rolled out to Android and will be available on iOS really soon.

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