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Android P: DP 2 Innovation Strikes

Android P the next version , of android would launch in Q3 but the Developer Preview 1 has been around for a while. Developer Preview 2 which is Said to be launched today at Google I/O has been leaked on web

If leaks are True: The updates show following developments :

  1. The update shows a New Nav bar. Though it is not available by default. The recent button gets vanished with it, and the back button is only available in menu’s  
  2. Too Switch apps Swipe Up from Home Screen. Swipe Up twice to see all apps. 
  3. Also while reading articles swiping horizontal while allow scrolling through pages. 
  4. Prevent Ringing: In addition to Do Not Disturb. By pressing Power and Volume Up button together. This may be a stand alone feature or a addition to Do Not Disturb
  5. Adaptive Brightness… I mean Adaptive Battery which restricts battery drain from infrequently used apps.

Though they can be a prank by some Photoshop expert but if the reports are true, Android P should have iPhone like UI and probably a notch also as Seen in DP 1. We would gain more clarities about it in Google I/O. Though we believe thier would be no notch in Pixel 3 infact thier would be no speakers also:

Though lets hope for the best rest things would get clear at Google I/O: </a>

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