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3 Great Stories to Motivate You To Become Successful

3 Great Stories to Motivate you to Become Successful. Today i am going to share you some inspirational stories that will motivate you and help you do hard work so that you become successful in life.

During the Vietnam War in the year 1968, Vietnam wanted a quick to way to throw United States and achieve Independence. They had a tradition to never have a war on Tet, which is the lunar new year, but they decided to break it that year, for a surprise attack on US to win war.

The idea was good, but execution was bad to the extent that US won every single battle and the major fights seized in less that 10 days.

Vietnam faced losses in each of the battle during the whole war. Infact, Vietnam lost almost all of the battles, but they won the war. It seems weird but they still won the war as they got independence.

This was because, Vietnam was ready to put there last citizen into the war to get freedom. They were ready to sacrifice each and every individual but they were not ready to sacrifice, there nation.

US knew that Vietnam would fight till it’s last day, and it was not a good decision in terms of finances to continue the war for long, so US decided to withdrew.

We see that Sometimes by Loosing the Battle We win the War. This was one of the 3 great stories to Motivate you For Success.

It teaches us that if you are determined and motivated towards winning. Even after relentlessly loosing you will win. Someday you will win, what matters is to keep doing your deed, with sincerity. Work towards your goal and mission till your last breathe. You will get success. A stronger opponent with many wins will also fall short in front of your perseverance.


In our list of stories to Motivate you For Success the second story is of Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs was a great visionary. He was adopted and landed into a not very well of family. He was a dropout from college. In his Twenties he started Apple Computers.

At the age of 24 he became a millionaire with success of his computers. Later at age of 28 he hired John Sculley who was working at Pepsi so that he can plan over marketing and company’s financial growth. Things were fine initially. But then Steve Jobs who was a visionary, started developing products that were not probable in terms of finances.

His ideas like Graphic User Interface were great ideas but John Sculley did not consider them viable. The debates and controversies caused Steve Jobs to have his position go down in company, and later he was thrown from the company that he himself started. Added was he was removed by the person he himself hired.

Steve Jobs after becoming a millionaire and popular person at a early age faced hardships that costed him his job and respect. Unlike most of the people he fought back.

He started a new company, that he built from scratch and had to do all hardwork efforts again to establish. In 12 years his new company had so much potential that Apple acquired the new company. Apple was in a trouble that time. They brought Steve Jobs back to company, and he soon became the CEO of the company. He regained his respect.

He never feared how hard were times. How cruel were his own people. He controlled his emotions to come over the fact that he was thrown away from his own company.

This one was one of the most insprirational stories to motivate you for success. The next story would take you to leadership. This story will motivate you to become successful in life by becoming a great leader.

The event happened on 28th August 1963. A quater a million people gathered on the foot steps on Lincoln Memorial. There were literally 0 invitations sent. No marketing was done.

All due to word of mouth, people gathered long before the event began. No marketing or publicity or bribery could have ever got a quarter a million people to gather at one place with this much excitement.

The reason was the famous “I Have A Dream” speech of Martin Luther King. Martin Luther King was the person behind Civil Rights Movement. He presented his believe to public, that moved people.

Martin Luther King presented a dream of having a world where every black and white was equal and there was no inequality.

Rather than your product people join you due to believe. A leader will present a belief. The bunch of people who would have similar believes will become loyal to one another and work together towards one goal.

This is a important lesson in stories to motivate you for success. You have to put forth a believe. If you put this lesson in your real life you would never need money or any other investment to motivate people to work with you.


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"The People Who Love The Journey, Are The Ones That Reach The Most Beautiful Destinations"
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Aditya Agarwal

"The People Who Love The Journey, Are The Ones That Reach The Most Beautiful Destinations"

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