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Android Mesaages: Uniting Desktops and Phones

Being a technical guy, my all day is spent on PC, but whenever you have to semd a message to your friend or some client, it is either Email or SMS, that lead the industry. Though it seemed quite awful to have to pick the phone amidst writting a story like this, to send someone a message.

Apple solved this problem years ago, with the help of iMessage. Apple’s iMessage allows you to send messages through Mac also.

I have wished for it since ages. This year in February, some teardown of Android Messages spotted some code indicating a web client in works. In mid-april Google announced it, but it was not released until today morning.

Rolling out today you can send messages from any device and almost any browser. Though Google has not rolled it out throughout the world, but it will be available within next 2-3 days.

the desktop client is fully compatible with the system. It would allow sending and receiving stickers. Will show chat history, and also will show contacts. It would be compatible with wide range of pcs and desktops. The thing is first major software release after Gmail redesign, it will feature some glimpse of Material Design 2.0 also. This would be very much interesting to see

For using it all you need is latest version of android messages. You will soon see option for same in options of android messages. Then you simply have to scan the QR code, on

We will review about it once we are able to get our hands on it. Do update is if you get chance to use it.

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