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Google I/O: Hey Fuchsia


If you haven’t heard of it, then you are bot alone. Apple integrates its MacOS and iOS well enough to allow seemless workflow between the two. Here’s how Google is trying to do same with help of thier new operating System in development. Though still in development, it’s progress will still excite the developers.


Android P

Though you can’t See Fuchsia, in near time. To have seemless transition, Google is working on Android side-by-side. Though the DP or Developer Preview 1 has already been released, google will share it’s insights tomorrow. This would also embrace the Notch. It would have performance boost. The notification bar has been revamped. The settibgs menu has recieved fresh coat of paint. What i am interested is the nav bar. Few days ago a image popped from google showcasing a new Apple like nav bar. It would be interesting to see its functionality

Android Auto

While Android Auto has been around for a few years, it’s most-recently added wireless support for Pixel and Nexus devices made news when launched last month. Back in January, Google announced that its Assistant software would soon power voice functions for Android Auto, so it’s likely I/O will mark the launch of that feature.

Google Home

Google has been working really hard on it’s AI platform Google assistant abd supporting hardware Google Home. It would share its progress though no new line up is expected.

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