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Apple’s Plans In India and Future Prospects

Apple’s Plan in India are large. India is a large market and Apple has a large base that it can tap. Apple Plans To expand in India. Apple plans to make high end smartphones in India, so that import cost can be elliminated and cost effective iPhones can be made available to the fastest growing smartphone market of India.

India is one of the largest smartphone market in world with over 400 million active smartphone users. Cost effective brand like Xiaomi have got a good user base in India.

And Apple knows that it is really important to have a strong base in India to conquer global market. In India lower budget phones rule. iPhone SE was a good idea.

Apple is long due with their iPhone SE. Apple just made it’s supply system fully zero-waste certified proof. The India facilities were among the 770 assessments that Apple conducted in 30 countries in 2018.

Apple plans for India include to discontinue iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The 6s is the entry version iPhone for users form now on.

Wistron which was according to some reports about to make new smartphones in India, but now some reports claim that it won’t be making. Foxconn and Wistron are 2 main manufacturers of iPhones.


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