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Google Releases Android Q Beta: Key Features

Google has just released the Android Q Beta and here are the Q Features. The key Features of Android Q include Foldable Display compatibility, 5G and the Dark Mode.

The significant feature of #Android Q is also that the release is a Beta version rather than developer preview. Which means that not only developers but people who are willing to be early adopters can opt in.

Though it shall not be a really stable and secure version. One should wait till the full release of Android Q in Quarter  Phone manufacturers push the update over air. #Google Pixel would be first to receive it.

Android Q would be having a great built in support for Notches and cutouts as they become the trend of the time. Android Q would also natively support Dark Mode. This means that the system would natively have dark mode to darken elements.

With Android Q, you can choose to grant an app location access, deny it, or only allow access when the app is open. That effectively blocks apps from tracking you in the background.

Google will natively add some features for portrait modes. Android Q will feature 3d meta data, which apps can request from #OS. The complex Google algorithms will allow better portrait shots.

There are some battery optimizations and overall #UI improvements to support taller displays. Google will support face detection as system level security method.

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