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How Is 5G Different From 4G in Terms of Speed and Effeciency

How Will 5G be Different From 4G in terms of Speed and efficiency. 5G will have major improvements making it more powerful than broadband capable of 100GB per second, far more powerful than 4G.

5G will have ability to work over much higher frequency, making it more flexible, and future proof. The ability to work on bands above 6Ghz which is another reason why 5G is different from 4G in terms of speed

Frequency bands of 4G lies in 2 to 8GHZ and the for 5G lies in 3 to 300 GHZ.

Another thing in which 5G is different from 4G is latency. 5G would transfer data at minimal latency. That is great for all the PUBG players, and also Cloud GPUs and seamless video calls.

Many people believe that 5G is not different from 4G because, 4G satisfies all needs. We need to remember that as more #PUBG players come, and more cars with extreme level of #internet communications come, the present infrastructure would start to lag making it slow and ineffective. It is better to stay protected and the difference in speed between 4G and 5G will make it possible.

It would be still long before it takes perfect shape. The connectivity would be spotty and there would be need for lot of investment by governments and by telecom before it becomes usable.

Many phone manufacturers are releasing the 5G compatible. Samsung will be launching a 5G S10 phone later this year. 5G will make radical shift in support of VR headsets due to its great speed.

5g will be a improvement to 4g and therefore even though they are different, 5g will be supporting all 4g features and will be capable of doing everything that 4g could do but at a faster speed.

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