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Apple’s New Innovation to Protect User Data and Privacy

Apple has been really concerned about privacy of people and has constantly worked to finish apps that violate there privacy.

Apple has got a new patent for a anti-snooping technology that encrypt the user data that travels from user to mobile data centers.

The present system allows hackers to get location of people and is not good for privacy. With the new patent Apple plans to encrypt the data travelling from user.

”The technology would hinder so-called ‘Stingray’ boxes, which mimic phone masts and can be used to track phone users’ locations and listen in on phone calls,” said the report.

The stingray, are somewhat useful also. The british police utilizes them to get location of the suspects, but with newer technology that would be difficult.

There are efforts being made such that the data can be made available to government organisation, but the hackers can’t access it. Countries have asked manufacturers to make this data available to them also.

This is a step in right direction and many countries like European countries respect peoples privacy more. And apple is also respecting the data and does not want it. Other manufacturers should also implement similar setup for privacy. Though Apple has got it patented making implementation difficult

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