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Starting New Business? Simon Sinek Explains the Principles of Business

Simon Explains the right principles of Business. The business is not to make profits. You need to have some ethics in your business.

The year is 1985, Apple’s working on a newer version of Macintosh, but the sales are declining. Macintosh is loved by people, but it is not good in performance. And the company loved Macintosh but they decided, it was time to stop it.

The then CEO John Sculley, decided to terminate the founder of the company and now a world renowned innovator Steve Jobs. He respected People over profit. He sacrificed his founder to make profits.

The result? The sales increased and profit increased. But the legacy and the vision that Steve Jobs set was destroyed and slowly its impact came up. Apple made crap products now, and slowly there sales declined further.  In 1997, 12 years later they were on verge of bankruptcy. When they decided that Steve Jobs should return. He saved the company.

He again finished the clutter, and restarted the vision, simplifying the products. It was a difficult one, but after 2 years of hardwork they were able to reach the top orbit and become extremely profitable.

You have to do the right thing, sooner or later it will reward you. And people come before profit.

We have to do things are right rather than things that are in rules. Idea of shareholder supremecy, and Layoffs, and hire and fire attitude are banes of society.

Businesses happen to make profit but that is wrong attitude. We have remember that the journey is the reward, and IT’S THE PASSION THAT MATTERS.

Great businesses love the work that day do. Get rich quick guys are for profit. And you have to remember people come before profit.

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Aditya Agarwal

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