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Google I/O: Mountain View's Voice

Google I/O

7th May 2018, just a day to go for the Google I/O. The annual event by the tech giant ussually happening in May discussing top developments and future projec⅝ts, which Mountain Vuew is working on. As you can expect CEO Sundar Pichai would come up tomorrow morning, and launch the 3 day event.

The Keynote


The Keynote which started early morning tomorrow can be watched on YouTube at the link below. The Keynote is expected to be 3 hours. Though the whole event will go on for 3 days. The Initial portion would be bit more consumer centric. Later portion is liked by developers. The event would be Live streamed at Googke’s YouTube channel

Developments not Launches

Usually Google uses it as a forum to discuss development rather than launching products. Often times you would see developing technologies showcased here. For eg. a technology that could remove obstructions from any image, that too with the help of just software. That’s why it now has Made By Google events that happens in October to launch it hardware lineup. Google believes in launching products as and when they are ready. Like Android, the developer preview and the latest developments in android are shared at I/O but it would be launched in Q3 with just a announcement. Though these new developments are enought to create buzz in media. So to wrap up don’t expect any launcher but just developments from the event.

We would be wrapping up the expected developments soon.

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