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Elon Musk's ‘Sweet’ Buzz… I mean ‘Tweet’ Buzz

Elu Muskie. The billionaire CEO can’t live without creating a buzz a day in the world. So what’s he got for us today, A Candy company.

Well he may be sarcastic but most of the people in world want him to do be serious. People tend to take his jokes seriously. Well no one can tell what is in mind of this guy. According to me it’s a joke

He wrote on twitter

‘I’m starting my candy comany & it is going to be amazing.’ He further said ‘i am super super serious’. Thought it is worth taking note that he has always done work that affects humanity and not day to day works. He is probably joking. He also asked what he wants in the candy. Elon Musk suggested himself cryptocandy as a name for brand

If he does it, it would be as good and dreamy as Charlie and Choclate Factory. Though he returned to twitter just to say Warren Buffet is a sweet. Now you know he is trolling Warren Buffet See’s candies. A rebut to Warren Buffet’s taunts on him. And as expected you can’t mess with Musk even if you are also a billionaire. Probably Musk woukd have tought Buffet a lesson. Though what is quite questionable is how serious he is.

Is he just trolling Buffet, or is he serious and wants to settle the scores with Buffet. But people believe he should be serious and start a company, for sure it would be a billion dollar venture in weeks

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